Master Work and Organisational psychology – University of Amsterdam (GPA = 7.6) – diploma obtained

• Master Thesis: The Relationship between Work-related Smartphone Use and Work Satisfaction and the Influence of the Segregation Wish- and Norm (7.5/Good/A)
• Career Management (8.5/Excellent/A+)
• Strategy and Sustainability (8.5/Excellent/A+)
• Deciding and Judging in Organisations (7.5/Good/A)
• Internship at Berenschot Consultancy (7/Good/B)
• Methodology: Analysing, Presenting and Writing (8.0/Good/A)

Graduated January 2019

Master Business Administration – University of Amsterdam Business School (GPA = 7.8) – diploma obtained

• Master thesis: The Prospect of Artificial Intelligence Implementation at the Workspace concerning Turnover Intentions and Locus of Control; is Implementing AI worth it? (8/Good/A)
• Negotiation Strategies (8.5/Excellent/A+)
• Strategy and Sustainability (8.5/Excellent/A+)
• International Entrepreneurship (7.5/Good/A)
• Innovation Management (8/Good/A)
• Theories of Strategy (6.5/Satisfactory/B)
• Theories of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (7.5/Good/A)

Graduated June 2018

Minor Business – University of Nottingham (UK)

Bachelor Work and Organisational Psychology

Most relevant courses:
• Motivation & Work Behavior (7.5/Good/A)
• Organizational Change (7/Good/B)
• Methodology: Operationalization, Design and Analysis (7/Good/B)
• Working in Groups (6.5/Average/C)
• Work, Health & Stress (7/Good/B)
• Recruitment, Selection & Work performance (6.5/Average/C)
• Leadership (8/Good/A)

Graduated July 2016