Microsoft’s Surface line, will hardware products
be the key for future success?

For my course of “Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation” I wrote this paper about whether the Surface line of products would be successful for Microsoft and why. Having followed this course during my exchange in Nottingham in 2016, it taught me a lot about innovation and this made me decide to pursue a full master in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation. My main conclusions were that because of the renewed structure of Microsoft’s organisation and their collaborations with other companies I expected them to have a strong position to create innovative new products. Furthermore, I recommended more linkages between divisions within Microsoft. For example, the Cloud and Enterprise division should have more connections as this could possibly enable them to create groundbreaking new products. Becoming curious? Read the full paper below!

Master thesis Business Administration: The Prospect of Artificial Intelligence Implementation at the Workspace concerning Turnover Intentions and Locus of Control; is Implementing AI worth it?

Curious what kind of feelings your employees have concerning the implementation of artificial intelligence? My master thesis has shown that there is a relationship between employees having the feeling that artificial intelligence would be implemented in their job and turnover intentions and locus of control. 

Master thesis Work- and Organisational Psychology:
The Relationship between Work-related Smartphone Use and Work Satisfaction and the Influence of the Segregation Wish- and Norm

A world without smartphones can’t be imagined by many employees. But what are the effects of this device upon job satisfaction of employees? The conclusion of my master thesis has shown that there’s a positive relationship between daily work-related smartphone use and job satisfaction whereas other employees experience a negative relationship between daily work-related smartphone use and job satisfaction. Interested to read my full master thesis? Download it below. It is written in Dutch.